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Guangning county is known as the bamboo village, all kinds of bamboo planting area reached 1080000 mu, gave birth to the bamboo products processing factory pattern, WareZone bamboo and wood products Co.,Ltd is located in the famous "Chinese bamboo township" -- Guangning County, Guangdong Province Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province Forestry bibcock enterprise is a collection development, design, production, sales of wood products in one, after several years of development has become Guangning county bamboo and wood processing enterprises.

Six or seven years ago, the company still runs a small bamboo products processing factory would like to rely on bamboo chopping board to get rich, is absolutely unthinkable. There is no order to shutdown, underemployed, others to eat a bite to eat, not to get hungry. The company's boss, once went to the supermarket in Shenzhen to see a piece of imported bamboo cutting board, bamboo also is done, why the price difference so big? After the board apart, the family made him a bowl of cold water, so business is very difficult to make money, in accordance with the number of households to calculate, even up to 1% of the bamboo chopping board market, is not simple. Resolved Liu Zhuliang began to develop bamboo chopping board, look different, black after carbonization, can increase the density of bamboo, can achieve desugarization, insect-resistant moth-proofing purpose.

Special bamboo chopping board no confusion, does not look good, when cutting down, can put a knife in the intensity distribution is more uniform, he designed the bamboo chopping board can prevent burst; cut down lint-free, no chip, the extent of the damage is greatly reduced, the service life greatly increases the.

At that time, the company will put their design of bamboo chopping board launched the market, in the first station of Canton Fair, is not ideal, in an opportunity that every family in Europe and the United States has several piece of bamboo chopping board, fruit plate, cheese board etc.. Because bamboo chopping board is a rigid demand, relying on stand firmly and fight steadily in Europe and the United States to heat up, more and more refined design company, has developed a number of 30, sitting at home will have various board orders come, now the wholesale price of 100 yuan, the Germans back to sell to more than one hundred euros, with one day the company can develop their own European bamboo chopping board market in the future, profits will be higher than more.

The company designed the best in all the land of large diameter thick 10cm, block 1.8 meters, weighing 480 kg. Set a Guinness world record. According to the incomplete understanding, so far, the world has no other manufacturers can produce bigger than it, more amazing is that it can be normal use.

Now, the company's products sell well both at home and abroad, mainly to Europe and the United States and Asia market. Leading products, "Bai in the arrival of" environmental protection asepsis bamboo chopping board has passed the German LFGB food grade hygiene certification, American FDA standard and the European REACH standards, the technical indicators and environmental indicators have reached the international standard through inspection, technology is the leading domestic level.

BAMWOOD Bai Yun Dakota, after several years of experience, has now become a have a higher visibility and reputation of the bamboo chopping board in the world. The future the company will be toward the target firm forward, create new brilliant history!

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